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What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis refers to inflammation of the eyelids. Oils and other products normally secreted by the eye and eyelids build up on the lid surface and eyelashes resulting in eye irritation and often redness. It’s a common disorder and occurs in two forms:

Anterior Blepharitis ‐ this is when the inflammation affects the outside front edge of your eyelids, where your eyelashes are connected. Two possible causes are bacterial infection and Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Posterior Blepharitis ‐ this is when the inflammation affects the inside front edge of your eyelids, where they come into contact with your eye. This is caused when something affects the glands that are found at the rim of your eyelids, for example skin conditions such as seborrhoeic dermatitis or acne rosacea.


Signs & Symptoms

Regardless of which type of blepharitis you have, you will probably experience such symptoms as eye irritation, burning, tearing, foreign body sensations, crusty debris (in the lashes, in the corner of the eyes or on the lids), dryness and red eye lid margins.

How can eye lid hygiene help?

Developing a regular routine of eye hygiene is essential in the treatment of blepharitis as it tends to recur and rarely disappears completely. It is important that you clean your eyelids every day, whether or not you are experiencing any symptoms. You should consider it part of your daily routine, like showering or brushing your teeth. Daily eyelid care helps prevent the build up of oils and crusted matter around the eyelid and lash area.


Treatment depends on the type of blepharitis you have. It may include applying warm compresses to the eyelids, cleansing them, using an antibiotic and massaging the lids. If your blepharitis makes your eyes feel dry (usually because your tears evaporate more quickly) you may be recommended to use artificial tears. The warm compresses are designed to both loosen crusts on your eyes before you cleanse them and make the tear secretions more liquid and less greasy. Wash your hands then place a warm eyebag over your eyes for a 5 to 10minute period. Cleansing the eyelids is essential to blepharitis treatment. You may be recommended to clean them with a special over‐the‐counter product specifically made for cleansing the eyelids. When you first begin treatment you may have to cleanse your lids several times a day. When the eyes feel better from the lid hygiene (usually after about 6 weeks) treatment can be done once a day. Remember, to stop treatment altogether will probably result in a recurrence of problems. Only regular lid hygiene will keep the blepharitis under control.


What can I use to help me manage my blepharitis?

Blephasol and Blephaclean wipes are specially formulated FREE from preservatives and perfumes, by Europes leading independent Ophthalmology company to be kind to your eyes and skin.

The Blepha Range of products are unique in the way they work. They use a micelle formulation that lifts all debris gently and easily without the need to rub, scrub, foam or rinse. The Blepha Range were formulated by Dermatologists and tested by Opthalmologists specificcaly for blepharitis, but also to be kind to the skin and the eyes, so even those with sensitive skin can use them. They also have fantastic cleansing properties so will remove any kind of make-up - even waterproof mascara!


  • Preservative, Detergent, Perfume & Alcohol Free
  • Lid Margin and skin cleansing
  • Easy to use 100ml bottle, simply apply with cosmetic pad or gauze
  • No need to mix beforehand or rinse away afterwards
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for use for all contact lens wearers
  • Excellent eye make-up remover
  • No soap effect, no rinsing, no stinging, just gentle cleansing
  • Pleasent to use, moisturises, soothes and has an anti-bacterial activity


  • Eyelid Hygenie wipes that clean AND repair the skin
  • 20 ready to use sterile pads
  • Preservative, Detergent & Perfume Free
  • Easy to use wipes, no need to rinse afterwards
  • Contains agents which repari, moisturise, soothe and act as an anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for use for all contact lens wearers
  • Well tolerated & omfortable to use without stinging
  • A simple wipe is enough

Both of these products are available in they Eyecare Products Section


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